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Pool Deck Repair in Jersey City, Texas

Dec 12, 2016

As summer was winding down, a Jersey Village area pool owner contacted URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to provide a slab lifting solution for their pool deck. The stamped concrete and flagstone deck was suffering from two subsiding panels and stair-step cracking on the pool wall’s flagstone façade. The uneven panels created a trip hazard and the cracking façade was an eyesore.

URETEK’s residential and pool specialist visited the property and found that pool deck panels had subsided approximately an inch and cracks in the pool wall façade were about a half-inch wide. Other areas were discovered that would need to be stabilized to prevent subsidence. The homeowner was interested in receiving a non-invasive solution, so he could avoid having to replace the expensive stamped concrete and flagstone. URETEK’s specialist proposed using The URETEK Method® to lift and stabilize the subsiding panels, pool façade, and other troubled areas.

The URETEK Method is a non-invasive slab-lifting process that uses expanding geopolymer injections to achieve lift. URETEK’s patented geopolymer is lightweight, high-density, structural-grade polyurethane foam. In addition to slab-lifting, URETEK uses geopolymer injections in residential and commercial foundation repair, void fill and soil stabilization.


The customer was satisfied with the proposed solution so, URETEK’s skilled technicians mobilized to make repairs. The URETEK Method® begins with technicians drilling small holes through the pool deck at the various affected locations. After injection sites are prepped, technicians start injecting geopolymer underneath the affected slabs. As the geopolymer expands, it fills voids, compresses and stabilizes the soil. Once the soil is stabilized, the geopolymer begins to gently lift the slabs back into place. Technicians monitor lift with computer levels and specialized dials to ensure the accurate results. For areas that need stabilization only, technicians watch for the slightest “twitch” from the dial and levels to signal complete stabilization.

The URETEK Method® yielded amazing results.The subsided panels were lifted back to near perfect position, the pool wall was lifted, minimizing the façade crack, and weak soils were stabilized to prevent subsidence in other areas. All work was completed in less than a day and the homeowner saved money by avoiding messy solutions that accrue ancillary costs. Contact us today for a free inspection!

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