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Foundation Repair in Beaumont, Texas

A Beaumont area homeowner contacted a local pier company to provide a foundation repair solution to his home. The home had low spots along the perimeter and signs of movement inside, so the pier company recommended perimeter and interior piers. Understandably, the homeowner wasn’t excited about having interior piers installed because the process is extremely daunting.   It involves breaking out concrete, long work days, and, depending on how many interior piers are needed, the homeowner may need to temporarily relocate.  After hearing the homeowner’s concerns the pier company recommended URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to do the interior work.

URETEK’s process—The URETEK Method®–is a noninvasive alternative solution to interior piers.  In contrast to interior pier installation, The URETEK Method® is a geopolymer injection based process with zero-excavation—no digging or break-outs—and it takes one day to complete, with little to no inconvenience to the customer.

After meeting with a URETEK ICR Gulf Coast representative, the Beaumont area homeowner decided to allow URETEK to make foundation repairs to the interior and use pressed pilings for the exterior.  This sort of co-opting is common for URETEK, and has resulted in many successful foundation repairs and satisfied customers.

The home required lifting to be done at the perimeter with piers first, and, afterwards URETEK would complement the perimeter work by stabilizing the interior and lift as needed.  Doing the perimeter first allows the pier company to set the reference point and gives URETEK the task of lifting the interior to that point.  This operating order serves to ensure that the home will be as level as possible. With the perimeter completed, URETEK technicians begin work by drilling small injection sites and then pumping the patented geopolymer under the foundation. URETEK’s geopolymer is expanding, high-density, hydro-insensitive polyurethane foam that will compress and stabilize the soil as it expands. Techs monitor area elevations closely, ensuring that they only stabilize.  Injections take place at each site until the home’s interior has been successfully stabilized.

The URETEK Method® is a noninvasive alternative to interior piers that can be used in conjunction with perimeter piers.URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has years of experience working with pier companies in the Greater Houston area to bring complete foundation repair solutions to their customers.


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