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Sinking foundation in Pasadena, Texas

A Pasadena area homeowner planned on remodeling his childhood home. The home was built in the mid-50s and, unfortunately, the soil under the foundation had eroded throughout the years. The center of the home had sunken more than two inches, but a noticeable separation between the floor and the wall caused the homeowner to call URETEK ICR Gulf Coast. Using The Uretek Method, a patented geopolymer, URETEK was able to stabilize the soil underneath and lift the foundation so that the gap between the floor and wall closed. By providing a solid, stable, and level foundation, URETEK was able to help the homeowner begin their remodel.



URETEK ICR Gulf Coast offers foundation repair services in Pasadena, TX and all around the Houston area. Our geopolymer is incredibly versatile because of its hydrophobic, closed-cell nature. So when we received a call from a Pasadena resident with foundation problems, we knew we could help!

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Foundation issues are common in Houston, Texas. It can be a stressful, expensive and sometimes hazardous time for the family. It is our philosophy to treat you as we would like to be treated. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Here are just a few comments from our satisfied customers…

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