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Some Recent Work Examples

Our work examples are an extension of our love for our customers. Our people, services, and technology are all centered around you, the customer. We thoroughly enjoy serving our customers in and around the Houston, Texas area. We complete many projects a month but here are a few examples of our work. We will continue to edit and update this page so make sure to check back soon!


Foundation Repair using dual methods in Beaumont, Texas

A Beaumont area homeowner contacted a local pier company to provide a foundation repair solution to his home. The home had low spots along the perimeter and signs of movement inside, so the pier company recommended perimeter and interior piers. Understandably, the homeowner wasn’t excited about having interior piers installed because the process is extremely daunting. It involves breaking out concrete, long work days, and, depending on how many interior piers are needed, the homeowner may need to temporarily relocate. After hearing the homeowner’s concerns the pier company recommended URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to do the interior work.


Pool Deck Repair in Jersey City, Texas

As summer was winding down, a Jersey Village area pool owner contacted URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to provide a slab lifting solution for their pool deck. The stamped concrete and flagstone deck was suffering from two subsiding panels and stair-step cracking on the pool wall’s flagstone façade. The uneven panels created a trip hazard and the cracking façade was an eyesore.


Wine Cellar Moisture Sealing in Sugar Land

The customer had an underground wine cellar and tasting room that was being infiltrated by ground water. Heavy rains would saturate the soil around the cellar causing moisture to soak through the walls in specific areas. The moisture was a nuisance and if allowed to continue, could lead to unhealthy mold growth.

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