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When you have or suspect a foundation issue, Uretek is a brand that comes to mind for most who live in and around Houston, Texas. Not because we are the biggest, but because we are uncontested in experience, service, and technology. We have raving fans and we want you to become one!

Uretek Services

5-time BBB Award of Distinguished Service Excellence!

Uretek ICR Gulf Coast offers top-notch foundation repair services in and around Houston, TX. Uretek has over 17 years of experience repairing residential foundations in the Houston, TX area. 

When it comes to concrete lifting, Uretek is a brand champion in the Houston area. Uretek is known for quality concrete lifting services in and around the Houston, Texas area. 

Many foundation issues arise with improper drainage control. Our Uretek professionals are experts at drainage control! We don’t just repair the foundation, we fix the root cause!

Many times, foundations sink due to voids in the soil below. Ureteks unique service completely fills and reinforces the underlying soil to support the concrete.

Pool sinking or uneven? Ureteks unique pool and deck lifting technology will resolve the underlying soil problem.

Tree roots can cause havoc on foundations and concrete structures. Uretek’s root barrier will prevent roots from causing damage to your concrete structures.

If the concrete is beyond repair, the only option may be to completely replace the concrete structure. Our team of professionals specialize in concrete replacement for your residential property.

Uretek Technology

Patented and Premier Technology

The URETEK Method® is an adaptable polymer injection process that can be utilized in multiple structural and infrastructure applications. 

URETEK uses pressed pilings to lift and stabilize your subsiding foundation at its perimeter. Cracked brick and shifting walls are typical signs of foundation subsidence. Use URETEK to lift and stabilize your sinking foundation.

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