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Uretek has over 17 years of experience repairing foundations in Houston, Texas.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and resolution.

Foundation Repair Services in Houston, TX

Foundation issues can cause very costly damage to your home’s structure. If you suspect foundation issues, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. Concrete foundations built over unstable soil, erosion and root invasion are the primary causes for foundation issues in the Greater Houston area.  Homes in the Gulf Coast region and the Greater Houston area in Texas, are historically at greater risk for settling and shifting foundations due to sand and soil properties.

Options for Foundation Solutions for the Greater Houston Area

There are several options when considering how to repair your foundation issues: Piering, Slabjacking and The URETEK Method®. If you are reading this, it is likely that you have searched for the difference between Piering, Slabjacking and Polyurethane. Uretek offers Piering (also known as Pressed Pilings) and The URETEK Method® (aslo known as polyurethane or geopolymer) to homeowners as the best solutions to repair their home’s foundation.

The Piering (pressed pilings) method for repairing residential foundations in Houston.

Uretek offers the piering method to customers who desire it. It is a more traditional way to lift a foundation, however; it is also can be more expensive and can cause a mess in and around your home. For more information on Piering, please visit this page. Piering is more costly than The URETEK Method® because it takes more time to dig, tunnel and install the Pressed pilings to lift and stabilize your subsiding foundationconcrete piers.

The Polyurethane or Geopolymer method for repairing residential foundations in Houston, Tx.

The URETEK Method® offers the same durability at a fraction of the cost and time as required by piering, slabjacking or mudjacking methods. SlOur skilled technician implement Uretek method to lift your concrete foundationabjacking/Mudjacking is a process of injecting a cement/grout mixture under the concrete to lift and level the concrete. The URETEK Method® is a similar process with ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE: URETEK uses proven and patented, lightweight and high-density expanding polyurethane which is impervious to water and is environmentally inert.

The URETEK Method is administered by our skilled technicians and can be applied to lift your concrete foundation. Find out more by visiting our technology page.

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