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Uretek has over 17 years of experience offering concrete repair and lifting services in Houston, Texas.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and resolution.

Using the Pressed Piling Technology to level concrete in Houston, TX.

Lift, level and stabilize your home’s foundation with Uretek’s long-lasting pressed piling system!

One option, aside from the Uretek Polyurethane system, is to use Uretek’s pressed piling system to lift, level and stabilize your foundation. If you are showing signs of foundation related symptoms, using our pressed piling system will stabilize your foundation. The perimeter of your foundation is extremely susceptible to environmental influences like rain and drought. Over time, saturation from rain could cause issues with Uretek’s pressed piling system to lift and level and stabilize your foundationthe perimeter of your home. Rain and heat cause the soil to swell and shrink which can weaken and erode the underlying soil and lead to foundation cracking and shifting. The pressed piling system reaches a deeper soil base which isn’t as susceptible to the inconsistent environmental conditions.

What are Pressed Pilings?

Pressed Pilings are a series of concrete cylinders measuring 1 foot long by 6 inches in width.  They are able to support great amounts of weight. They are pressed into the ground to lift and stabilize your structure.

How are Pressed Pilings installed?

At each marked location, our crew will dig our a small area to reveal the exterior grade beam. These locations will be determined by our professionals prior to digging.  Next, the team will work to press the pilings into the ground with the assistance of your home and a hydraulic jack. The term “pressed” comes from how the piling is entered into the subsoil. We use your home’s weight to help drive concrete pilings into the soil until they reach the total resistance. Once complete, workers then gently jack up the foundation back into place. The result is immediate. In most cases, you can actually see cracks close in front of your eyes.

In some cases, we utilize pressed pilings and polyurethane foam jacking together for a complete foundation repair solution.

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