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What is URETEK Method® and how does it work?

Our URETEK Method is a cost-effective, easy and quick alternative to all the foundation issues

The URETEK Method® is a safe, clean, durable, and inexpensive polymer injection process which can be used for many different residential applications. We are experts at repairing concrete and underlying soil disruptions for your home’s foundation, driveway, walkway, patio, decks, and walls. A small penny-size hole is drilled at specific location(s) and our patented polymer is injected until the results are achieved. You can literally see as cracks close and foundations become level! This is a very clean process and provides minimal disruption to your home life.

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Why Home-Owners are completely satisfied with The URETEK Method®

There is a reason why Uretek is a 5-time BBB award winning company!


The URETEK Method® lifts and stabilizes your concrete foundations, driveways, pools, patios, decks and sidewalks WITHOUT DIGGING!! No dirt! No big mess in your yard and your home!


Other solutions take days or even weeks to install which disrupts your routine and life. The URETEK Method® was developed with you, the Houston, TX homeowner in mind. Once injected the foam cures in in about 15 minutes! That means you can go back to your way of life within a short period of time!


Activites like tunneling, jack-hammering, and digging take time and causes a big mess in your home and yard. This can lead to a more expensive and disruptive solution. The URETEK Method® is a cost-effective alternative which offers the same durability at a price the average homeowner can afford.


Concrete solutions are porous (water can seep through). The Uretek patented polyurathene foam is strong, durable, impervious to water and safe for the environment.

All Polymers are NOT created Equal!

3 Questions to ask any foundation repair company using polyurethane:

Does the polymer absorb water?

Answer should be NO

Uretek’ patented polymer does NOT absorb water. It pushes it out and away from your foundation. Some of our competitors’ polymers absorb water. If it does, the integrity of the repair will be compromised.

Is the polymer rigid?

Answer should be YES

You want your Polymer to be RIGID. Uretek’s polymer is closed-cell and extremely rigid. Do you want a polymer that can move and cave after installation?

Is the polymer environmentally safe?

Answer should be YES

Some polymers are not certified by the EPA nor have they been tested extensively. The Uretek patented product is tested, approved and safe for the environment.

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Your Next Steps

The URETEK Method® isn’t applicable to all settlement scenarios, so it is important that you contact us to have a URETEK Project Manager provide a free evaluation of your foundation or infrastructure problems. Our Project Managers have decades of combined foundation and infrastructure repair experience. We offer a variety of foundation repair solutions, so if the URETEK Method® isn’t right for your situation we may still be able to help.

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