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Trust the experts to resolve the cause of your ceiling and wall cracks.

Uretek has over 17 years of experience resolving foundation issues which cause ceiling and wall cracks.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and resolution.

Cracks in your ceilings or walls could be a symptom of a compromised foundation.

Call us and get the perfect solution of cracked walls and ceilingsCracks in your walls or ceilings could signal problems with your foundation. If your home is older than a year, it has had time to settle into the soil. That could signal a compromise in the soil underneath your home causing your foundation to shift, crack or sink. This could cause cracks in your walls and ceilings. If you are experiencing this symptom, it is best to call a professional to inspect. You can also download our free inspection guide. The biggest question for homeowners is “when should I call someone?” The answer to that question is NOW. If you see these symptoms, it is likely that your the underlying soil has been compromised for a while and your foundation has succumbed to the void and the weight of your home. Don’t wait any longer to call someone. Our professionals will provide you enough education to make your decision to repair easy. We don’t harass, nor do we use high-pressure sales tactics. Our number one goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Our technology is patented, proven and durable. We offer two types of comprehensive approaches to solving your foundation issues: The Uretek Method and Pressed Pilings.

The Uretek Method

Our patented polyurethane foam lifting solution is clean (we don’t dig holes), fast and affordable. With the Uretek Method, your home won’t turn into a construction zone. For more information on this technology, please click here.

The Pressed Piling Method

Pressed Pilings are a more traditional route but could be more expensive and certainly more digging. This option digs holes at select locations around the perimeter of your home. A piling is then “pressed” to a depth where the soil can sustain the weight of your home. For more information about this technology, please click here.

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